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  • In Caroline Wozniacki#39;s bikini pictures, the tennis star is looking

  • jay21
    07-19 10:10 PM
    hi, can the spouse travel outside after applying for I-485 but before getting the AP? Suppose during her stay abroad if the primary applicant's GC is approved? Her H4 will not be valid in that case. but can she use the visa waiver to gain entry back into the country? Will the receipt of I-485 help in anyway? thanx.

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  • ita
    11-20 04:50 PM
    My AP was approved for multiple trips. So I can use the 2 stamped AP as many times as I want. The officer told me that when I use the APs for my next trip then they are going stamp the same APs again. And that I will not need to submit anything on my next trip. It would be advisable to keep some photocopies of the AP just in case they ask for a copy.

    How do you know AP is approved for multiple entries?

    I thought AP in general is for multiple entries.

    Is there a way to tell from your approval notice it your AP was approved for multiple times?

    Thank you.

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  • shortchanged
    08-03 06:43 PM
    From my experience None of these issues matter.
    I had I 140 approved in 02/06, no A# on the approval notice.But before approval, I had an RFE on this I-140, with an A#, on that notice, the same A# I had used for I-485 application form.But when I got the I-797 NOA for this AOS, it had a different A#,(July2 '07filer).
    When I did not get reciept even by August 16'07, I filed a 2nd I-485, eventhough many people including Ms.Murthy advised againt it.I just did not want to miss out the window of opportunity of July Fiasco.
    So I have 2 485s pending,I did finger printing for the July2 filing, never got FP notice for the second filing.My wife and son did FP for both I-485s.
    I too was worried about these things, and was expecting RFEs on all these and medicals etc.
    But on 8/1/08, I have got CRIS email with 3 messages for Card Production Ordered for me ,my wife and son. I still do not know what shall I do with the 2nd 485.Also I have appointment for FP for efiled EADs on 8/5/08, which I may not go at all, if I get the snail mail tomorrow.
    As usual there is no logic, pattern, predictability, rhyme or reason with USCIS business.I am just relieved for now that most of my major worries are on pause for now.

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  • abracadabra102
    03-17 01:27 PM
    no offense but the above doesn't make any sense what so ever, so does majority of your posts.
    and stop pretending to be a guru on immigration issues and leave the analysis part to the real experts.

    Peace :)

    LOL. You are spot on.


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  • babu123
    07-16 05:56 PM
    oh man!! Still not resolved. Have to see how it goes

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  • martinvisalaw
    08-18 12:46 PM
    The RFE as per my employer is about Vendor/Client Details and a latest paystub from the current job. Since I started working already and was getting paid, my employer generated a paystub and supplied the same.

    I would be surprised if CIS wanted a paystub from the current employer. They are more likely to have asked for one from the previous employer to prove that you were maintaining status.

    I would normally not advise someone who was already out of work to use H-1B portability to start working for a new employer. I always recommend waiting until the new H-1B is approved. Given the gap between ending the old job and filing this H-1B, there is a strong chance that CIS will not approve the change of employer petition. This means that you have been working without authorization.

    See this blog posting for more details: Law Office of Elaine Martin - immigration news: Consequences of layoffs on H-1B workers - Part 1 (


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  • FinalGC
    12-02 02:55 PM
    I heard that if the labor is approved and h1b is about to expire, I can apply I-140 under premium processing due to a recent rule change>>>
    >>This is not true for your case, since you did not apply for GC 365 days prior to completion of 6 year h1.....

    You cannot transfer to H4, since the 6 year limit is for the "H" category.

    I dont think you can work on OPT immediately after applying for F1.

    As I think you have another option. I am giving you the conceptual idea, but check with your lawyer to see the exact details....
    => Apply for GC and also apply for F1 (check with lawyer the details).....Keep working with company until H1 expires, then jump into F1 status. Go on an extended vacation from work, maybe without pay. As soon as 140 gets approved apply for 3 year h1 (check details with lawyer), then jump back with company and continue on your new H1 and GC process....who knows you might change your mind about US in a couple of years, after earning all the $$$ and the GC might help you stay for ever...:-)

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  • signin241
    04-04 02:00 PM
    I filed my 485 in August and got married later and my wife is on H4 right now. I'm on H1 as of now. I'm not using my EAD right now, so that my wife can maintain her H4 status. I'm planning her F1 processing from H4, so that once she is on F1 officially, I want to use EAD to change employers.

    Is there any risk involved here and if so, please let me know

    Thanks in Advance


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  • Berkeleybee
    05-18 05:17 PM
    Will we be able to find by the end of 2006 wether CIR bill is passed or not ?

    Here is what Specter said: (Apr 24, 2006)
    quoting Specter "And after this meeting, I'm confident we'll get it done, out of the Senate by Memorial Day and to the president's desk, as he's asked for, before the end of the year."

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  • alterego
    09-17 11:16 PM
    go to, you will get a lot more info and more accurate info there.


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  • sukhwinderd
    10-04 01:22 PM
    my wife doesnt have EAD or H4. she has AP only which expires in mar 2011 and so does AP stamp on her i94.
    she got license valid only till mar 2011.
    less than 6 months for $48.

    she sent an email to customer service and this is the reply she got
    If you have a pending I-485 filed under derivative status of your husband you must be included in his I-140 petition. Is there some paperwork you filed to have you added under his I-140 after you married him? If not other option is to show that you have applied to extend your H4 status after march 2011 eg. I-539. You can get a driver license (if you have not already got one) till your current I94 is valid and then when you apply for an extension you can show the receipt notice and renew for a year or show us a valid EAD card.

    i dont have my 140 app and i dont remember getting her name added in 140. and i dont have H1 so no H4 option. so the only option left for here is filing her EAD. cause i dont know if they will extend it on AP alone with expired I94.

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  • Ramba
    07-27 03:31 PM
    In very rare ocassions people get to know that their 485 is preadjudicated.

    Check out this case

    Now, once preadjudicated does not mean that your case may not be reviewed again (My thoughts)

    The good indication of anyone 485 is pre-adjudicated, if LUD changes continously for 3 or 4 days on their online account with uscis. To notice thist, one has to moniter every day. If they receive RFE, it is the good indication of the application will be pre-adjudicated based on the aswer to the RFE. If they recive answer to RFE, the LUD will normalyy change with in 10 days continously. Pre-adjudicatred does not mean that it is 100% pre-approved. They may ask a question at the time of approval, if the 485 is pending for pro-lonnged time after it is pre-adjudicated.


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  • raysaikat
    01-29 12:22 PM
    My sister got her H-1B in 2008 but didn't work for her employer due to health problems. After about 3 to 4 months she left for India and recovered. Over there she joined a multi-national who sent her on B1 this year. (She already had traveled on B1 from a very old employer and used that).

    Now after coming here on B1, she has a job offer from an Indian MNC. My understanding is that the MNC will have to file two petitions:

    1. A Change of Status from B1 to H1B
    2. A I-129 requesting H-1B (or H-1B transfer)

    Question -
    a) Can she start working for the Indian MNC after filing both of these two, or will we have to wait for both approvals?

    She must wait for H1-B approval (I-797) form. In addition, if the I-797 does not have an attached I-94, then she must go out of the country, get H1-B stamped (if she does not have one) and reenter on H1-B VISA before she can start working.

    b) Do we require paystubs from the original H-1B employer from 2008 for H-1B transfer? My understanding is that paystubs are usually required to establish one is currently in status, but she is on B1 right now and not H1B.

    Attorneys, please advise.

    Much thanks in advance,

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  • tinamatthew
    07-17 11:07 PM
    My I-140 approved in TSC( premium processing)
    My Attorney sent my I-485 on July 2 to TSC
    my labor approved from Wisconsin
    but I read somewhere all applications needs to go to NSC , is it true?
    I greatly appreciate your help

    You're ok - TSC is fine. Nothing to worry about. All the best


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  • linuxra
    07-23 02:31 PM
    I got an rfe on employment v l and history of 5 year in oct 2009 replied dec 2009
    after that no update?how abt u?

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  • mihird
    07-12 10:17 AM
    This is beginning to look more and more like a organized and deliberate attempt to block people from filing for AOS.....

    Dude, the whole system is setup and organized wrongly deliberately..
    In the guise of fairness and promoting racial diversity, the system is deliberately setup so that countries that supply most labor backlog all the time....

    Phillippines for healthcare workers
    Chindia for technology workers
    Mexico for low skilled workers

    This gives businesses that employ the imported labor the opportunity to exploit the employees at will.

    There are always unused visa numbers and oversubscribed countries in the system all the time...this gives politicians the leeway to throttle immigration as they want...through the DOS bulletins...the July fiasco was just an extreme example of this practice....

    Even if a point based system is brought in, the per country fixed quotas will not go away....and thus the retrogression will continue....yes, you qualify through the point based system, but since a lot more from your country qualify go the end of the line...


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  • watzgc
    09-18 05:41 PM
    That is not true. Once you have EAD on hand, you can chose to work using your EAD. I-140 pending or approval has nothing to do with working on EAD. The risk is, if his I-140 is not approved, then it would automatically trigger a NOID for I-485 and his EAD becomes invalid....thats the risk factor. But one can work if one has EAD.

    yes, thats what i heard from attorney this afternoon. thanks LostinGCprocess.

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  • SlowRoasted
    06-13 01:18 PM
    i dunno, its probably some crazy formula it goes by. Any math wizes here?

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  • pkv
    01-08 10:38 AM
    This might be a simple stupid question,

    Can you please update, if you used a standard 2*2 passport taken here in the applicaiton form or got one 3.5 cm * 3.5 cm as put in the passport form. If yes, where did you took one. The standard size Passport Photo appears to be a little bigger than the one specified in the Passport application.

    I used standard 2x2. Its mentioned at their website too.

    05-28 06:26 PM
    I have recently taken an appoinment at chennai consulate for nov.. I had been looking into these dates for some time .. The website was showing october dates 2 weeks ago and once in a whle sept dates .. but recently they moved on to nov dates .. I guess oct dates might be full .. but could open up now and then as people withdraw and reschedule appoinments .. as of now i guess nov dates are available for appoinment

    08-27 12:49 PM
    I am not sure, if you can go in person to houston, mine was sent to washington dc and I got it in 10 days. I had tough time for a different case.

    Try to avoid Houston, you will not get any response or anyhelp, I guess they are sleeping for ever.

    We cannot get the passport renewed anywhere, if you are in south most probably you need to get it renewed from Houston. So any one ............who went in person for non-emergency case.